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When you see someone for the first time, what do you initially notice? Their physical appearance, the colour of their skin, their gender, what they're wearing or nothing at all.


I wanted to find out how someone with a disability lives their life, how it affects them, day to day and does it matter?


To get a better understanding, Tom Wentworth, a writer and playwright let me into his life, his work and even to a hair appointment, so I could get a real insight on how someone with a disability lives their life.

Tom who's 27 has Cerebral palsy, a term for a number of neurological conditions that affects his movements and co-ordination.

"You live with what you are given. You adapt to survive. We are built to adapt to survive. I try and make it less of a problem. I mean life is complicated enough, so just get along living life really."

Disability comes in various forms. Some may see a non physical disability as less important than a visible one.

Adam Morgan, a university student has Aspergers, and finds social interactions difficult. In this documentary he talks about having a mental disability and how he's dealing with the syndrome.

 "I had a hard time when I was younger. It felt like I was bullied a lot, which looking back it might have just been kids being kids, to me it felt a lot harsher. It wasn’t until I was older, I learnt to deal with it. Now at this point I’m a lot better off.  I find it a lot easier to manage myself socially."

Most people may know what disability is but what is it like living with a child who has a disability.

Inaam has Russell- Silver syndrome, a form of dwarfism which will affect his growth as he gets older. Inaam's mum Shahena Begum explains how life is like looking after a disabled child and what aspirations she has for him when he becomes a young man.

"We’re just learning to manage it. I think finally after two years we’ve kind of found a balance of who can do what better. We haven’t been able to go out, we don’t go out. All we do is feed Inaam, feed ourselves, go to sleep. Our whole lives revolve around Inaam. He’s two years old but he’s on a liquid diet of a four to six month old."

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